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Lima, hottest dining destination in Latin America

Lima, Dec. 11 (ANDINA). Peru is an archaeological treasure trove, home to the mighty Andes mountain range, vast tracts of Amazon jungle and the world's longest left-breaking wave but, until recently, Lima was just a pit stop on the route to Machu Picchu for most tourists.

In a recent article at thenational.ae, Naomi Mapstone writes that thanks to an imaginative, ambitious crop of young chefs and the old-school magic of stalwarts such as Teresa Izquierdo, Lima has become the hottest dining destination in Latin America.

Chef Teresa Izquierdo Gonzales has contributed to the resurgance of coastal Peruvian Criollo cuisine. Photo: ANDINA / Archive

Long-haul tourists are adding a few more days in the dusty desert city to sample ceviche (raw fish tossed in fresh lime, chilli and red onion), tiradito (more raw fish dressed in Asian or Peruvian-inspired sauces) and causa, a yellow potato mash dish served with seafood or chicken.

Limeños are justly proud of their culinary heritage, the product of hundreds of years of migration - from the Spaniards and their Arabian cooks, African slaves and Chinese and Japanese labourers - and being able to list a few of your favourite dishes in halting Spanish will win you some new friends. Please click link above to read full article.


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