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Ica tourism promotional video to be released in New Year festive season

Ica, Dec. 11 (ANDINA). Next week, the Regional Directorate of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Dircetur) will release a promotional video to showcase Ica main tourist attractions in order to attract more visitors during New Year holidays, reported the head of the entity Martha Moran.

Audiovisual presentation entitled “El calor también está en nuestra gente de la región Ica” (Warmth is also characteristic of the Ica people) features natural and cultural sites, as well as gastronomy, folklore, and customs, among other attractions.

Ballestas islands in the province of Pisco, Ica. 

In addition, this video was produced in English and Spanish and last fourteen minutes. 
The documentary has been shown to tourism companies and will be also spread through social networks, Moran added.

Ballestas islands (seal and penguins habitat) in Paracas is considered the most visited site in Ica.
Other tourist places include Paracas National reserve, Huacachina (oasis on the middle of the desert) and mysterious Nasca Lines.


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