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Colca Valley tourist arrivals rose 16.8% in Jan-Nov

Arequipa, Dec. 11 (ANDINA). Tourist arrivals in Arequipa's Colca Valley has risen 16.8 percent between January and November this year compared to the same period in 2009, Colca Autonomous Authority (AutoColca) manager Jose Luis Talavera reported.

Colca received 156000 tourists in the first eleven months, being June, July and August the most visited months by locals, who took advantages of the long holidays to travel.

Colca Valley. Photo: Autocolca.

Talavera mentioned that he is optimistic in reaching the goal set by Autocolca for 2010, because the financial crisis is over and this allows foreign tourists to travel around the world and choose Peru as their destination.
Colca Valley, besides its natural beauty, offers visitors attractions such as the viewpoint of Cruz del Condor, where tourists may watch the flight of the mythical bird.

Other attractions include colonial churches, music, dances, gastronomy, handicrafts and other customs. The valley is located four hours away from the city of Arequipa.


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